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After a starting distribution in the local market, export was strongly improved since more than 10 years and now it covers almost the totality of production. Models, in different combinations and shapes, from essential to more sophisticated lines, have mainly a female target however studies and develops go towards the creation of jewels which could be worn also by a male target, in a more and more winning trend. Bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and watch straps are produced in two basic titles, 14 and 18 Kt. They are mainly distributed abroad, both directly and through Italian wholesalers, to Europe, Middle and Far East, Arabic Countries, North, Central and South America.


The factory was founded in 1965 by Silvano Allegro, the present-day president, and specialized its production in hollow tubing technique. Its identification mark is 451 VI and employs over 50 people that produce a wide range of items in a essentially hand made work, through the help of very high technology machines and traditional goldsmith tools.